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Colour is such an important part of our lives. Powder coating is a very special means of achieving a very strong covering of colour on all your metal items.

Right up front we would like to say that basically any colour is possible, but not all colours are instantly available.

Our suppliers have Standard Colours that are always available and Special Colours that are only mixed when an order is placed for a minimum amount. It could take anything from 1-week to 3-weeks to have the special colour mixed and available for use.

We currently offer a wide range of standard colours to choose from ( see below ), that we keep stock of.

Many of our customers require a specific RAL colour. We then contact our suppliers and get their closest colour that complies with the required RAL number or get them to mix a special colour to match. RAL is the German Colour Standard that has been adopted worldwide.

We use our sandblasting to prepare all our surfaces before applying any powder. This gives a very good bonding to the metal.

Our ovens can accommodate large sliding gates, etc.,

The max. length & height a gate/balustrade/panel/stairway/etc, can be in order to fit into our oven is : L: 6500mm and H: 2400mm.

*Some of our Standard Colours

* Please note that these colours are just an indication and may not appear exactly the same on your screen.

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